Gorgeous Gold Accents on Beautiful Blue China Cabinet!

Sunday, June 15, 2014
I recently refinished another china cabinet and this time I chose a beautiful shade of blue that I custom mixed! The china cabinet had a gold pattern etched on the side glass panels so I decided to add gold accents to the blue to make everything mesh well. I absolutely love the way this one turned out and yes, I had to talk myself out of keeping yet another piece! 

I added some white accessories inside the cabinet that looked amazing against the blue. I could just picture some beautiful white stoneware or a lovely white china set on display inside as well. 

This china cabinet will be a beautiful statement piece that will add a gorgeous pop of color to any room! Till next time….hope you all are enjoying your summer! I know we are 🙂


  1. Hi Lezlie I just bought this piece last weekend and just wanted to say I absolutely love it and thank you!


  2. Hey Lauren, I'm so glad you love it because it's one of my favorites so far! I'm sure it will look beautiful in your space! And thanks for the comment, it's great to hear feedback 🙂

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