New Year, New Goals!!

Friday, January 19, 2018

A lot has been going on with Lovilee ReDesign along with my everyday life at home! I’m so excited to get back to blogging and connect with you guys again. My hectic home life over the past two years has kept me pretty busy since welcoming my daughter into the world. She will make two years old on the 29th and is gaining a bit of independence so it’s nice to have a little more freedom with my time to get back to the things I love, like sharing details of my work with you guys! I must say how blessed I feel going into this new year! So many wonderful things are happening and I want to wish everyone a happy and blessed New Year as well.

We have been having a pretty severe cold spell here in South Louisiana and it has forced me to bring my work indoors. Whatever it takes to get it done right?? Either way, my work has always been therapeutic for me so I’m just happy to be doing it. The latest piece that I’ve been working on is a French Provincial buffet. I really wanted this piece to look French so I decided to give it more detail and layering. As some of you know, I created my own chalky paint line so that I would have a formula that I loved to work with as well as colors that I would love in my own home. I always try to reference the paint colors I use when I share my work so that you can see what they look like. For this buffet, I started out with two coats of Lovilee’s Barnwood Grey,  then accented the front of the doors and some of the trim around the top with Lovilee’s Porcelain. I did a light distressing around the edges of this piece, then coated it with a layer of clear wax. I always use Briwax, Toulene Free formula, as this is my favorite wax! (Which is why I sell it with my paint line :-)) I have tried many brands of wax and have found that this brand is super easy and light to apply and dries pretty quickly. You don’t have to cake it on and a thin coat goes a long way. Here’s a picture of the buffet before I did the antiquing….

The final step for this piece was to apply dark wax to give it an old, antiqued look. For this look, I use Briwax, dark brown wax. I applied a pretty heavy coat and then wiped most of it off, leaving more around the edges and crevices of the piece. A trick that I use when applying the dark wax is to mix a bit of clear wax into the dark wax before applying it so that it gives the wax more movement and makes it easier to wipe off, leaving a good amount on the piece without it looking too “dirty.” I feel that the dark wax just takes the look to a whole new level of beauty and richness and makes the piece look more timeless like it has been around for many years…

Of course the pictures don’t allow you to see the full beauty of the hand painted application like you would get in person, but you can still see the contrast and layering a bit in this photo. I hope you guys enjoyed the sharing of my work and hopefully you might be inspired to try some of the tips I have given if you are a painter yourself! Looking forward to more sharing this year and hope you guys stay warm!!

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