Tips For Using Briwax

Friday, July 10, 2015

Since Briwax is our go to wax at Lovilee ReDesign, I decided to share some helpful tips as to which formula I recommend using for painted furniture. As some of you may already know, I LOVE Briwax because it is very easy to use and rubs on very smoothly. The consistency is not thick or cakey like some other brands tend to be. It goes on very thin, yet dries and cures quickly into a hard protective sealant.

You may not be aware that Briwax comes in two different formulas. Briwax is not only a furniture wax, but can also be used as a metal polisher and cleaner as well. If you are using Briwax to polish metals or seal stained wood, I would recommend using the original formula. If you are using Briwax to seal painted furniture, I would highly recommend that you use the Toluene free formula. This formula obviously does not contain this particular chemical which tends to be a little harsh on painted furniture. I’ve used the original formula to seal painted furniture pieces in the past and have found that it actually starts stripping the paint back off of the piece which we definitely do not want! You can avoid this problem by using the Toluene free formula. I only use this particular formula for refinishing all of my pieces. I love the consistency and the results that I get, so if you’ve tried Briwax in the past and have had not so great results, be sure to give the Toluene free formula a try!

We sell both formulas of Briwax in clear and dark brown at Lovilee ReDesign. Also, one thing to remember about Briwax is that it will liquefy if left in the heat, but will return to original consistency once it’s cooled off, so you may want to store it at room temperature. Hope this helps! Happy painting….


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